Inspired by the poem, "Hey Black Child" written by Countee Cullen, Black Child Clothing is on a mission to remind people of an old belief. That they are powerful beyond measure, and that it is up to you to unlock your true potential of greatness. It always been within you, so with visual and wearable inspirations we wish to inspire you to become. Seeing the presence that fashion has within our world today, it is distinctive and often a habitual trend, so I pose the question why not wear who you are? Are you ambitious, great, powerful, loving, peaceful, intelligent, committed to excellence, our fore fathers were.  We will journey back in time and express inspirational moments of people, places, and things, through fashion.  For it is these things that helped shape black culture into who we are today, and what it shall become. From Africa to the United States, let us show you who you are.


Chicago IL

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